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Our Work

Below are mini case studies and examples of live websites developed by The Spin Factory


sales of products or services online via e-commerce


non-profit, schools, government agencies


corporations, storefronts, restaurants


blogs, vlogs, teleconferencing, live streaming


individuals, authors, consultants, influencers

Felix Natal Jr.

Professional Photographer Website Design - Website Hosting - Contact Form -

Black Spirit Group

Non-Profit Website Design - Community Creation - Membership Subscription - eCommerce Storefront - Business Directory - Donation Integration -

Blacks In Technology Foundation

Non-Profit - Website Design - Newsletter Integration - Custom Form Creation - Paid Membership

Blacks In Technology NYC

Non-Profit - Website Design - Newsletter Creation - eMail Distribution List - Blog Creation - Ad Integration - Website Hosting


Mobile App Startup Website Design - Newsletter Creation - Email Distribution List - Blog Creation - Ad Integration - Custom Calculator - Website Hosting -

Fairfax Copenhagen Magazine

Magazine - Website Design - Custom Graphics & Print Magazine Layout - Monthly Maintenance & Updates - Ad Integration - Advanced Analytics - Website Hosting

Real Black News

Podcast Website Design - Custom Graphics - Contact Form - Website Hosting -